Car rentals Dubai Airport

    Booking Vehicle

    Pick-up location

    Pick-up date

    Audi A8L 2017 Rentals

    Audi A8L

    AED 400 /Day

    AED 7500 /Month

    Audi Q7 2017 Rentals

    Audi Q7

    AED 600 /Day

    AED 10000 /Month

    BMW 7 Series Rentals

    BMW 7 Series

    AED 800 /Day

    AED 15000 /Month

    CHEVROLET Cruze 2016 Rentals


    AED 100 /Day

    AED 1900 /Month

    CHEVROLET Impala 2016 Rentals

    CHEVROLET Impala

    AED 150 /Day

    AED 3000 /Month

    CHEVROLET Impala 2017 Rentals

    CHEVROLET Impala

    AED 180 /Day

    AED 3500 /Month

    Car Rental at Dubai Airport

    Are you visiting Dubai and seeking convenient transportation? Look no further! HM Rentals provides stress-free Car Rentals in Dubai Airport. This guide covers all you need to know about car rentals at Dubai Airport with HM Rentals. From car rental perks to booking, returning, and FAQs, we’ve got you covered.

    Why choose HM Car Rentals at Dubai Airport?

    Dubai Airport car rentals can improve your trip. Here are some key benefits:


    It is simpler and quicker to have a rental car ready to greet you when you land. Dubai Airport is easily accessible for city and suburban travel. Airport car rentals reduce the need for public transportation or pricey taxis. Your own car lets you get there quickly.


    A rental car lets you explore Dubai and its surroundings at your own leisure without using public transportation or pricey taxis. Car rentals at Dubai Airport fit various travel arrangements. Rental packages are available for days, weeks, or months. This allows you to customize your rental duration and ensures reliable accessibility in Dubai. GPS navigation and child seats can improve your driving experience.


    It can be cheapest rent a car, especially for longer trips or if you want to go to a lot of places during your trip.


    With a rental car, you can relax and enjoy the journey without the hassle of public transportation.

    Wide Selection

    HM Rentals has a wide range of vehicles, from little cars to SUVs, so you can pick the right one for you. Choose from many cars to suit your needs. HM Rentals has SUVs for families and tiny cars for lone travelers. All vehicles are well-maintained and have current features for comfort.

    Booking a Rental Car

    Booking a Luxury rental car with HM Rentals is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

    Online Booking

    Enter your travel details on the HM Rentals website. It includes Pickup and return dates. Hours and vehicle category.

    Vehicle Selection

    Choose a vehicle that fits your needs and budget.

    Extra Services

    GPS navigation, child seats, and supplementary insurance are available.


    After providing all the information, confirm your reservation and pay.

    Picking Up Your Rental Car

    Upon your arrival at Dubai Airport, follow these steps to pick up your rental car:

    Terminal Arrival

    After immigration and bags, go to the airport terminal’s vehicle rental section.

    HM Rentals Counter

    Present your reservation, ID, and driver’s license at HM Rentals.

    Vehicle Inspection

    Go with the rental employees for a quick inspection of the rental car to note any pre-existing damages.

    Rental Agreement

    Review and sign the rental agreement, familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions.

    Keys and documentation

    Collect the keys, necessary documents, and any extra services you have requested.

    Returning Your Rental Car

    When it’s time to return your rental car, follow these steps:

    Plan Ahead

    Make sure to allow ample time to return the car before your flight departure.

    Airport Directions

    Follow the signs indicating the car rental return area at the airport.


    Go with a rental staff member for the final inspection of the rental car. They’ll verify the vehicle’s condition and mileage.

    Return Documentation

    Give the rental staff the keys, the rental agreement, and any documentation.


    If there are no issues beyond normal wear and tear, the rental will be finished.

    Airport Shuttle

    HM Rentals may provide a shuttle from the vehicle rental return place to the terminal. Be sure to inquire about this service during the return process.