Get the best car rental deals for daily & monthly offers.
Rent any car from a wide range of fleets.

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HM Rent A Car Dubai

Get the best car rental deals for daily & monthly offers.
Rent any car from a wide range of fleets.

Luxury & Sports Car Rentals In Dubai

Experience the thrill of the open road while indulging in the ultimate luxury with our exclusive selection of premium sports and luxury cars available for rent.

Car Rental Dubai Offers

Rent a car Dubai online, Now Offer Car Rental Just in AED 10 for A Day BOOK NOW

Note: *Top Rental buyers of the month can avail this offer*

Mitsubishi Mirage 2015

Mitsubishi Mirage

AED 29 /Day

AED 1375 /Month

Kia Picanto 2014

Kia Picanto

AED 40 /Day

AED 1230 /Month

MG 360 2019 rental

MG 360

AED 49 /Day

AED 1470 /Month

Chevrolet Cruze 2022

Chevrolet Cruze

AED 49 /Day

AED 1470 /Month

Nissan Sunny 2019 Rentals

Nissan Sunny

AED 70 /Day

AED 1350 /Month

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

AED 80 /Day

AED 1650 /Month

Renault Symbol Rentals

Renault Symbol

AED 80 /Day

AED 1500 /Month

Kia Sportage 2019

Kia Sportage

AED 100 /Day

AED 2400 /Month

Chevrolet Aveo 2022

Chevrolet Aveo

AED 100 /Day

AED 1850 /Month

Kia Sportage

KIA Sportage

AED 120 /Day

AED 4000 /Month

Mitsubishi Pajero 2020

Mitsubishi Pajero

AED 180 /Day

AED 3500 /Month

Ford Mustang Convertible 2019

Ford Mustang Convertible

AED 290 /Day

AED 4900 /Month

Ford Explorer SUV Rentals

Ford Explorer

AED 350 /Day

AED 4500 /Month

Ford Mustang 2022

Ford Mustang

AED 500 /Day

AED 7000 /Month

BMW 7 Series Rentals

BMW 7 Series

AED 800 /Day

AED 15000 /Month

Requirements To Rent A Car

Below is a list of requirements that you will be required to apply for cheap car rentals from us





How To Rent Car From HM?

Start Driving With Us In 3 Easy Steps

Select The Car

Choose your ride that fits your lifestyle, meets, your needs and reflects your personal style.

credit card

Payment Method

Credit/Debit card payment or direct deposit to our given details


Start Driving

We Promise Smooth Trip!

Select The Car

Choose your ride that fits your lifestyle, meets, your needs and reflects your personal style.

credit card

Payment Method

Credit/Debit card payment or direct deposit to our given details


Start Driving

We Promise Smooth Trip!

Save Big ! Plan Trip With HM Rental Car

Free Cancellation Upto 24 Hours Before Pickup

Save Big ! Plan Trip With HM Rental Car

Free Cancellation Upto 24 Hours Before Pickup

Brands We Choose For You

Select Your Comfort


Commute Daily

Concerned about your safe commute to work? We’re here to provide you with hygienic, thoroughly sanitized, and budget-friendly car rentals, offering you comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Transform your daily journey into a hassle-free experience with our secure and stylish car rentals.


Tours & Tips

Celebrate life by embarking on beautiful journeys and adventures with your loved ones, where both the travel experience and the destination are truly remarkable! Choose from a wide selection of high-quality family car rentals to create lasting and cherished memories in your life.

Why should I pick a proficient rent a car Dubai company service?

HM Rent a car in Dubai - Best Car Rental Agency

HM Rent a Car has established itself as a well-respected and trusted name in the car rental industry in Dubai. Our reputation is founded on ethical business practices and cost-effective pricing. A substantial number of Dubai residents rely on our incredibly affordable car rental services. Furthermore, we have a presence in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Whether you opt for short-term or long-term car rental packages, we provide the most competitive rates available.

Recognizing the essential role cars play in the daily life of Dubai, we have streamlined the rental process for your convenience. With HM, obtaining an affordable car rental in Dubai is effortless, thanks to our competitively priced rentals that are available around the clock to meet our clients’ needs. Our journey in the Dubai car rental industry began over seven years ago, during which we have proudly served more than 40,000 satisfied customers. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is evident as we promptly replace vehicles, ensuring a refreshing driving experience with the latest models.

Why Choose us?   

To what end would you choose us?

Exhausted from the hunt for a ‘rental cars near me’? Look no further. Welcome to HM Rent a Car, the premier car rentals in Dubai marketplace, offering cheap Dubai car rental packages from reputable brands in the area. Our platform boasts a wide array of options, featuring over 2000 vehicles listed by trusted car rental enterprises across the UAE. Whether you’re a visitor in need of temporary wheels or a local seeking a long-term solution, we guarantee the most affordable rental cars at unbeatable rates.

Hiring is simple:

You can hire people by phone or online in many ways. You choose how long you want to rent for and what plan you want, and that’s it.

  • Client assistance:

In an online office, you can get quick help 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

  • Zero trouble:

You get the best coverage and maintenance services, as well as pick-up and delivery to your house. Even though they could change the car at any time,

  • No documentation:

Don’t worry about taxes, insurance, or fines.

  • All monthly rentals include free shipping.

Our business always keeps its customers in mind. We offer free monthly automobile rental delivery. We serve Dubai, Abu DhabiSharjahAjman, and Ras Al Khaimah. Hundreds of clients respect our honesty, but many also like our 24/7 availability.

  • Type of  Cars available to rent in UAE.

HM Rent a Car has a variety of cars based on what our customers want. We have all
that you need to find the right match for your needs. We have hatchbacks,
sedans, SUVs, cheap hybrids, and sports cars. We have inexpensive and costly
autos, including Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, Ferrari, Bugatti, and
Lamborghini, available. Bentley cars are all available to rent right now.

Securing a cheap Dubai Car Rental

Embarking on an affordable Dubai rental car journey is a click away. Choose from our wide array of reasonably priced car rent options to suit your specific needs. Moreover, you can select the ideal vehicle from our extensive fleet for your work trips, family gatherings, or corporate outings. At HM Rent a Car, we’re committed to offering you the best value in automobile rental.

Special Promotions for Renting a Car in Dubai

Yes, it’s true “HM rent a car” always brings something new for its customers. Every single month we choose 3 cars from the list of our car rentals and offer them on our promotional prices for daily & monthly deals.

For the month of July, we are offered 3 cars to avail over promotional rental deals. 

  1. Kia Picanto – AED 30 daily rent – AED 750 Monthly rent     
  2. Renault Symbol – AED 40 daily rent – AED 750 Monthly rent  
  3. Nissan Sunny – AED 39 daily rent – AED 750 Monthly rent 

Things to be aware of while renting a car in Dubai

“Precaution” There are some car rental companies offering cheap prices only to attract tourists as they are most easily to con due to less knowledge of UAE. Once tourists or even some residents having less knowledge rented the cars from these con artists. Boom just wait for the time to finish your rent and you went to them for your deposit. You will get to know that there were many hidden charges which they never told you but they have written it down in small font over the contract which you signed at the time of receiving the cars and you forgot to focus on them as you were excited to have your own ride.

Actually, it’s not the customer’s fault as in this era no one has the time to focus over the terms & conditions over a rental deal of some hundreds AED. But wait by doing that you are putting yourself in a black hole where you will be throwing some thousands of dirhams just for the reason which you forgot to confirm during the time of rental agreement.

Make you there are no service charges from your deposit.

  • If you are not buying the rental insurance, Check how much they are charging for any mishap
  • What if you return the car dirty are there any charges for that?
  • If you forgot to pay the dues for your rentals what will be the late charges?
  • How many kilometers they are offering for their daily & monthly rentals?
  • For suppose you rented a car for a month and now you are willing to rent it for another month. Hence, what will be their renewal rates?
  • The car you rent makes sure there are no previous damages and they are neat & clean.
  • The above-written things are a must to be taken care of when you rent a car, especially from the one who has low prices to offer.

Use our car rental DXB services and enjoy wonderful holidays in Dubai.

We got all the luxury car rentals including all brands of SUVs, Thus, we give you plenty of choices to select from. Get Infiniti QX60 to Toyota Fortuner, Land Rover to Range Rover, BMW X5 to X6, Mitsubishi Pajero to Nissan Patrol. Our cars have plenty of space for all types of travelers – ideal for touring holidays or fun-filled weekends away.

It depends upon your choice of travel whether you want to travel in style for work or pleasure. Rent a car Dubai offers a wide range of economy and exotic rentals collection. We got prestigious brands for the ultimate driving experience.

From which locations you can rent a car?

That’s what “HM rent a car” proudly stands for, you only need to be in the UAE. As a result, whether you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other state of UAE we can deliver our rentals anywhere. Just send us the Pinpoint location by means of your Whatsapp at the time of renting the car from our sales support or requesting by means of online booking. You are DONE. The car will be delivered to you only in 2 hours once you confirm the agreement. Cars delivery locations inside dubai Rent A Car in Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Barsha heights, sports city Dubai, motor city Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Dubai hills golf club, creek Harbour Dubai, downtown,  Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Golf Estate, Burj al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and get car for a rent on Intl Dubai airport.

Rent a car Duration

Best Daily rent a car deals 

HM offers 400 plus cars from different brands & all car types for having an option to rent a car daily from us. We have some cheap daily rental options. For example Kia Picanto, Mitsubishi mirage, Chevrolet Aveo in hatchback cars. For SUV we have Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Patrol & Kia Sportage. In Sedan, we have Nissan Sunny, MG 360, MG 350, Renault Symbol. HM also has Ford Mustang convertible & BMW for its daily car rental services in UAE.

Cheap Monthly car rentals offer

To rent a car monthly basis we bring the cheapest offers starting from 500 AED, 600 AED, 750 AED, and 900 AED. In addition, you can also avail our promotional prices in which you will be able to get almost half of the original prices over all of our monthly car rentals including hatch, SUV and sedan cars. Secondly, if you decide to renew the car for another month we will surely offer you economical prices as we believe in retaining the customers as our friends for future. In the end, we are now leaving the decision for you to make. You have multiple options, and we have provided you with the best recommendation we can ever make when it comes to letting our readers know why to rent a car monthly basis when you are on a visit to Dubai.

Get Cheapest Rent a car in Dubai with Driver

Why do people go for luxury car hire with driver? Because rent a car in Dubai with driver is known for its comfort, safety, and outstanding on-time management. And that is what our chauffeur service in Dubai is striving to provide you.  Choose among a suite of well-maintained luxury cars to SUVs, VIPs and high-end supercars cars from top brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Limo Service, etc. Rent a car Dubai with a professional driver for your family, corporate clients and HNI VIPs hassle-free in a city where you don’t know the routes and regulations.

You can hire any luxury car with a licensed driver on an hourly, monthly, as well as a trip basis throughout the UAE. Our experienced team tracks your flight schedules for airport pickups and adds extra wait time when you need it. Make sure that your guests are picked up in style – anytime, 24/7! We are your one-stop flawless, comfortable and uninterrupted VIP car rental service.

Our chauffeur service Dubai is well equipped with high-end features live tracking, lavish interiors, and extensive safety equipment. Our experienced drivers will pick you or your guest from the airport, hotel, or any other address provided by you and drop them at their destination within your schedule. Providing regularly sanitized cars to our customers is our policy. Subsequently, playing our part in eliminating COVID19 pandemic and safeguarding our customer health. Contact us now and experience the luxury. Our efficient services are available 24/7 anytime and anywhere across all over the UAE.

Best Chauffeur Service Dubai

If you are looking for the best chauffeur service Dubai at the most affordable rates, you have clicked the right website. Our chauffeur service across all UAE includes both VIP and economical vehicle options. Our highest quality chauffeur services include the latest GMC Yukon XL, BMW, Chevrolet Impala, Lexus, Infiniti Qx60, Infinity Qx50, and the KIA VAN latest models. All our luxury cars are well maintained, comfortable, and cost-effective.

Navigation, traffic programs, drivers having RTA card, etc., we ensure to save your time. Visit the best restaurants, cafes, shopping malls or other places you want to visit, we will take care of your on-the-road needs. Enjoy your trip while our drivers take you wherever you want.

How traveling with us works?

  • Our driver will pick you up and drop you off directly at your provided location
  • You select the preferred departure/arrival time based on your schedule – any time 24/7
  • During your ride with us, you can maintain your workflow, visit shopping malls, or stopover famous Dubai places.
  • Our professionals ensure you reach your destination in time, even in unpredictable road conditions.

We also guarantee an immediate alternate taxi solution with our packages, even if your flight will be significantly late.

Why Rent A Car With Driver In Dubai With Us?

Having an experienced driver makes it possible for you to execute your plans successfully. Enabling you a significant time frame to arrange your business meetings, visit Dubai attractions like The Dubai Fountain, Ski Dubai, Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, or world-famous The Dubai Mall. You can manage your business and make your plans from your mobile phone or tablet effortlessly. One of the most beautiful aspects of renting a car Dubai with a driver is that you can spend quality time with your friends and family while our driver will take you to your destination quickly.

We as a professional company strive to offer our customers the best chauffeur-driven car rental experience in the UAE. For this, we pay great attention to the training of our drivers, their time management, to the cleaning and maintenance of our vehicles.

If we put it in 3 words that will make you choose us among others are:

  • On-time transportation
  • Streamlined services
  • Customer satisfaction

Reliable Airport Transfer to Dubai and Vice Versa

With VIP vehicles, we take our customers from the hotel to the dxb airport or from the dxb airport to the hotel. Furthermore, corporate companies can hire VIP car rental service from us for their guests coming from abroad to make them feel special.

Not sure where can families go out in Dubai? Our gentlemen drivers will take you to the Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk, the man-made archipelago Palm Jumeirah, or any place you have in your mind. All the major attractions of UAE are located in distinct distances like the 8 km long Marina Walk, the No. 1 Waterpark in Dubai Adventure Waterpark, etc. but our professionals will make sure you visit all of the popular landmarks.

Our drivers are well-trained to visit the airport on behalf of our customers, meet their guests and drop them at the desired destination. With us, you don’t need to worry about the transportation part. We do our best in Dubai airport transfers on behalf of our customers and treat their guests as our own guests.

Thanks to our wide vehicle fleet, we offer a solution in a short period. The services we offer as VIP Rent a car Dubai generally collected under 3 main aspects.

  • VIP cars are top segment vehicles
  • VIP cars equipment can be customized
  • All details are considered for the comfort of the customer, from the interior to the sound system.

Get your guests picked up in style with our limousine service Dubai and increase the prestige of our company. All our vehicles are clean, well-maintained, and all our drivers are professional.

cheapest taxi alternate in Dubai  – Finding a taxi right on time is hectic and costly that is where our cheapest taxi alternate in Dubai services like Uber Careem becomes the best solution for you. Renting a car with an RTA card certified driver is always admirable because they are professionally better than taxi services.

Airport Transfer Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Wondering how do I get from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi? Use our fastest and most hassle-free way to be transported to Abu-Dhabi from Dubai. Rent a car Dubai with driver to travel to Abu Dhabi with luxury rides with us. Get pickup inside the terminal at affordable rates, flight tracking and flexible waiting time.

We understand the expectations of our customers and respond positively to all of them. Our customers can receive short-term or long-term service according to their needs. Moreover, our customers can receive economic class service, as well as luxury or VIP service. Furthermore, we stand out from others with our experienced drivers, 24 hours service and on-time pick and drop anywhere in Dubai all the time!

Abu Dubai is a shopping and business hub and every day, thousands of tourists and businessmen visit it. It becomes challenging to find a safe parking spot, navigate your desired address, understand traffic rules, or find a trustworthy vehicle driver. With our reliable rental car services with a professional driver, you will get rid of traffic stress, confusion of finding the correct address, parking spot hassle, and reach your destination right on time.

With us, you will get security and peace of mind just like Uber and Careem that can be requested from anywhere, travel with style and convenience, and easy payment. We are offering competitive prices for the services with luxury, along with an RTA certified driver present to greet you at the airport terminal.

Get in touch to avail yourself of the chance of our affordable professional driver services.

Fastest Airport Transfer Dubai to Sharjah

  • Are you traveling to Sharjah from Dubai? Get attractive prices for any type of car: from family SUVs to luxury convertibles at the most affordable prices. With a rental car at the airport, you no longer have to worry about jamming your suitcase and luggage on public transport. Your car with the driver will be ready to wait for you as soon as you step off the plane.
  • Sharjah is the arts capital of the UAE and is crammed with worth watching sightseeing for museums and art lovers. Without any hassle, our licensed drivers will take you to this cultural capital of the Arab world. You can pay a visit to the Sharjah Arts Museum, Sharjah Heritage Area, or any other particular place in your mind.
  • We are offering the best prices for high-end luxury car rental prices among others. If you don’t believe us, just give us a ring and learn about the best prices for elite cars like a private limousine, Chevrolet Impala, Lexus, Kia grand carnival van, etc.
  • Taking a taxi to Sharjah from Dubai could be hectic as it depends on the cabs availability and the demand of how many people want to ride. Acquiring a service that is better than taxi is the most suitable scenario here. Moreover, it takes 10.85 miles / 17.46 km to travel from Dubai Airport (DXB) to Sharjah airport. Don’t hesitate and acquire our cheapest taxi alternate in Dubai service and make your trip memorable.
  • Whether you’re looking for an Audi in Sharjah or a Volkswagen in Dubai, our experts will provide you with the perfect rental car at the perfect price. Contact us now and experience the luxury.

Hire Qualified and Safe Driver Dubai Service

Are you looking for a safe driver Dubai service? Fortunately, you are on the right platform. Our drivers possess years of experience and understand road safety measures completely. They stay alert, drive according to road/traffic conditions, and cuts out risk factors.

Do you know drunk driving leads to prison along with a heavy fine of AED 20,000, 23 black points in addition to vehicle confiscation for 60 days! Hire our reliable, safe drivers across the whole UAE and drive sober.

Our qualified safe driver Dubai will take you to the home, hotel, or any location securely. Book reliable and designated safer drivers with confidence with us. After a party, you could be intoxicated and unable to self-drive. Getting a cab is recommended but finding a reliable driver is hard. That is where our Taxi alternate solution with sober drivers comes forth for you. Our designated drivers will take you home at the comfort of any time of day or night.

Moreover, you can also utilize our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service for your employees and clients.

Customer safety is our driver’s priority. Leave your ride in our RTA approved driver’s hands and avoid hefty fines and minimize traffic violation risks.

Our professional safe drivers are well versed with all of the locations and rules of Dubai and could make your road experience pleasant with safe driver chauffeur service. When it comes to your loved one safety, one tries to take all precautions possible. With our sober drivers, you are in reliable hands and get your all road safety requirements fulfilled.

Your safety is our prime concern and that is why we endeavor to provide you with a streamlined driving experience.

With few clicks of safe driver service near me get your designated driver anytime, anywhere in UAE.

Comfortable Dubai Airport to hotel transfer

If you are searching for transportation from Dubai airport to the hotel, book with us at the best price.

  • Dubai Airport observes 89 million passengers in past years, making it one of the world’s largest world travelling hubs. This busy airport is situated on the northern side of the city and almost every destination requires a 20-30 minute drive.
  • Getting a reliable vehicle is challenging due to many individuals queuing up for airport taxis and a colossal crowd gusting to exit from the gate. This is where we as an alternate taxi service bring the solution for you.
  • We are one of the leading rent a car in Dubai with driver agencies in UAE and the best option for you to travel to your hotel with private luxury transport in an effortless and fast way. We are also the number 1 choice of many businesses to greet and transport their guests to the hotels in a classy way.
  • Further, we are not just offering the most affordable airport transfer Dubai services; we are also offering you various high-end luxury cars. Thus, allowing you to roam the city from upon your arrival and departure date hassle-free.
  • Our drivers constantly monitor the flight conditions to predict possible delays and ensures your transfer to your hotel. Our skilled drivers will take you to the Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, Atlantis the Palm hotel, Downtown hotel Dubai or any other you want.
  • We offer the hygienically maintained transfer service with pickups at the Dubai airport arrivals terminal and transfers to any hotel in the UAE, whatever and wherever you are. Check out our cheapest luxury limo service offer now!
  • VIP vehicles serving as cheapest taxi alternate in Dubai that meet your demand. Our cars endower the newest technology in performance, safety and comfort for making your trip as comfortable as possible.

Book online at the best price!


Parking in the appropriate zone will cost you AED 2 per hour, so plan accordingly. On Fridays, parking in RTA Dubai lots is entirely free. Parking rules, hours of operation, and other information can be found on the orange and white parking meters.

Yes, We surely accept debit for the purpose of deposit and payments for our daily and monthly car rentals in UAE.

HM Rent a Car provides full insurance with all rentals. This insurance covers damage, theft, and accidents. However, read the rental agreement’s insurance information and exclusions. Contact HM Rent a Car for insurance details.

You should be having a minimum age of 23 to avail any of car rental services from us. Hence, we don’t offer any sort of rentals to below then the person of this age. Disclaimer: Don’t try to bribe us.

HM Rent a Car usually accepts additional drivers. However, extra charges may apply. Inform HM Rent a Car in advance and supply the second driver’s license and identity.

HM Rent a Car provides 24/7 roadside assistance for accidents and breakdowns. They’ll help you resolve the issue and get back on the road quickly.

You can have your deposit only after 21 working days excluding the public holidays. And to have you can visit our office where you can also have it in the same account from you paid the deposit while returning the rental cars back to us.

HM Rent a Car extends rentals if available. To extend your rental, contact customer support in advance. Extended fees may apply.

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