Lexus Rentals in Dubai

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    LEXUS ES 2019 rental

    Lexus ES 2019

    AED 370 /Day

    AED 7900 /Month

    Lexus ES200 rental

    Lexus ES200

    AED 300 /Day

    AED 16000 /Month

    Lexus GS 2018 rental

    Lexus GS

    AED 360 /Day

    AED 8700 /Month

    Lexus GS 350 Rentals

    Lexus GS 350

    AED 370 /Day

    AED 8900 /Month

    Lexus GS F Sport

    Lexus GS F Sport

    AED 350 /Day

    AED 8600 /Month

    LEXUS GX 460 2018

    LEXUS GX 460

    AED 400 /Day

    AED 8500 /Month


    Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and gorgeous skyscrapers.. LEXUS rentals from HM Rent a Car are ideal for experiencing luxury and style. HM Rent a Car rents luxurious Lexus cars with cutting-edge technology. HM Rent a Car’s Lexus rentals promise elegance and comfort whether you’re in Dubai for work or pleasure.

    Benefits of Lexus Rentals in Dubai

    Renting a Lexus from HM Rent a Car Dubai comes with a multitude of benefits that enhance your experience. Here are some key advantages:Lexus

    Luxurious Comfort

    Lexus is known for its luxury and careful production. Lexus Rentals in Dubai provide luxurious interiors and cutting-edge technology. Beautiful chairs, clever climate control, and high-quality materials make your Dubai trip special.

    Unmatched Performance

    Lexus Rentals in Dubai are known for their powerful performance and exceptional engineering. Lexus high-performance engines and advanced technologies make driving in Dubai easy and fun. The advanced suspension systems and precise handling qualities make driving an interesting experience.

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    Lexus Rentals in Dubai has many cutting-edge innovations and driver-assistance systems. Lexus rentals provide cutting-edge features including smart navigation and advanced safety systems. Dubai drivers feel safer with adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot monitoring.

    Luxury and Class

    Driving a Lexus in Dubai matches the city’s richness. HM Rent a Car’s Lexus rentals let you arrive in style for business meetings or nightlife. Lexus cars are elegant and attract attention.

    lexus rental

    Explore our Lexus Models

    HM Rent a Car offers a wide range of luxurious Lexus models to suit your needs. Each model balances elegance, performance, and cutting-edge technology to elevate Dubai’s driving. Lexus rental models:


    The Lexus es car combines luxury and comfort. The ES’s elegant appearance, large interior, and innovative technologies ensure a comfortable ride. The Lexus es is attractive and practical for business meetings and city trips.


    The Lexus RX SUV combines luxury and versatility. It has a stunning style and spacious cabin. Its cutting-edge safety technologies make driving pleasurable and safe. The Lexus RX is reliable and stylish for family trips or extra storage.


    The compact luxury SUV Lexus NX combines style and performance. It navigates the busy streets of Dubai with its distinctive look. Enjoy driving a tiny SUV without sacrificing luxury.

    lexus rental


    The Lexus GX SUV is built for off-road adventures. It has a powerful engine and a roomy interior. The excellent off-road technologies make it confident on sand dunes and other terrains.


    Experience unmatched performance and luxury in the full-size luxury SUV. The Lexus LX’s commanding presence is a luxurious cabin. The cutting-edge innovation makes it an elite ride. The Lexus LX impresses on long trips and city drives.


    The Lexus LC sports car combines outstanding beauty and thrilling performance. The LC’s powerful engine, precise driving, and luxurious cabin impress. The Lexus LC will turn heads on Dubai’s beautiful roadways. These HM Rent-a-Car Lexus cars are only a sample. Each Lexus model has unique features and qualities, so you may find the right rental for your Dubai trip. HM Rent a Car offers Lexus models with unmatched luxury, performance, and versatility.

    Deals and Discounts

    Lexus rentals in Dubai from HM Rent a Car are often discounted. These promotions offer great value and make luxury car rentals easier. These deals provide low pricing and extra benefits, improving your Lexus rental experience. HM Rent a Car offers these Lexus rental deals:Lexus rental

    Seasonal Discounts

    HM Rent a Car often introduces special discounts during certain seasons or holidays. These promotions offer discounted rental rates or occasion-specific packages. HM Rent a Car’s website and customer service will keep you informed of summer and holiday discounts.

    Extended Rental Period Offers

    If you need a Lexus rental for an extended period, HM Rent a Car may offer discounted rates for longer bookings. If you’re staying in Dubai or doing a long road trip, these extended rental period offerings can be helpful. Not only do you get to experience the luxury of a Lexus , but you also enjoy cost savings.

    Weekend Specials

    Another common type of promotion that HM Rent a Car offers is weekend specials. Weekly Lexus rentals often provide discounts or extras. It’s a terrific chance to enjoy a premium Lexus rental in Dubai.

    Membership and Loyalty Programs

    HM Rent a Car may provide membership or loyalty programs to loyal customers. You can save money and get priority bookings by joining their loyalty program. To get these deals, visit HM Rent a Car’s website, newsletter, and social media. These platforms often update promotions and offer the best deals.