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    Pick-up location

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    Infiniti Q50 2020

    Infiniti Q50

    AED 160 /Day

    AED 3800 /Month

    Infiniti QX30 2019

    Infiniti QX30

    AED 140 /Day

    AED 2999 /Month

    Infiniti QX50 2018 Rentals

    Infiniti QX50

    AED 299 /Day

    AED 8900 /Month

    Infiniti QX50 2021

    Infiniti QX50

    AED 280 /Day

    AED 5500 /Month

    Infiniti QX55 2023

    Infiniti QX55

    AED 300 /Day

    AED 6500 /Month

    Infiniti QX60 2023

    Infiniti QX60

    AED 500 /Day

    AED 9000 /Month

    Infiniti Rentals

    Infiniti is a name that stands out when it comes to driving in style and comfort. And now, you can rent an Infiniti in Dubai from HM Rent a car and see for yourself how stylish and fast they are. Infiniti can improve your driving experience. Whether you live in Dubai or are visiting Dubai

    Driving an Infiniti in Dubai is the perfect way to reflect the city’s affluent lifestyle. Beautiful curves, superb looks, and cutting-edge technology make an Infiniti stand out. H&M Rent a Car aims to be Dubai’s best car rental company. A huge collection of Infiniti rentals in Dubai makes it easy to choose a luxury car rental.

    The benefits of Infiniti Rentals in Dubai are:

    Luxury and Comfort

    Our Infiniti rentals let you drive in luxury and comfort. Infiniti vehicles have luxurious interiors made of high-quality materials. You’ll feel luxurious and comfortable while driving around the city or on a long trip.

    Performance and Handling

    Dubai’s roads are thrilling with Infiniti’s high performance and accurate handling. These cars have powerful engines that speed up. Infiniti vehicles’ quick steering, sophisticated suspension, and confident handling make every drive enjoyable.

    Excellent Service

    H&M Rent a Car puts customers first. Our specialized crew ensures a smooth rental experience with personalized help. We’ll help you rent an Infiniti from the start to the end. We go above and beyond to make your Infiniti rental experience great.

    Infiniti Rentals


    Rent an Infiniti for a day, a week, or longer. We have cars for special events, weekend getaways, and prolonged stays in Dubai. Our varied options let you drive an Infiniti for as long as you like.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our Infiniti rentals are affordable for their quality and luxury. We appreciate the importance of inexpensive solutions without compromising the exceptional Infiniti Rentals in Dubai experience. We make Infiniti luxury and performance affordable with open, competitive pricing. Infiniti Rentals in Dubai provides a luxurious, comfortable, and powerful driving experience.

    Explore our Infiniti Models

    Infiniti Q50

    The Infiniti Q50 combines beauty and performance. The sleek and elegant Q50 requires modifications on the road. A polished interior made of quality materials creates a pleasurable driving experience. The Q50’s touchscreen infotainment system, driver-assistance technology, and strong engine make driving safe.

    Infiniti QX60

    If you’re looking for a spacious and versatile SUV, the Infiniti QX60 is an ideal choice. Families and groups will love this SUV’s cargo and passenger space. Due to its adjusted suspension and noise insulation, the QX60 rides smoothly. A beautiful cabin ensures a comfortable ride. The QX60 prioritizes passenger safety, featuring modern driver-assistance systems.

    Infiniti QX80

    The full-size Infiniti QX80 is a powerful premium SUV. The QX80’s powerful appearance inspires road confidence. A luxurious cabin with high-tech features awaits within. The QX80’s strong engine accelerates and tows easily. The QX80 offers comfort and performance in the city and off-road.

    Infiniti Rentals

    Offers and Deals

    H&M Rent a Car in Dubai offers exciting discounts and deals to improve your Infiniti rental. These deals from H&M Rent a Car are meant to improve your experience and save you money.

    Early Bird Discount

    Booking ahead? Early reservations get a discount at H&M Rent a Car. You can save money and reserve your favorite Infiniti rentals in Dubai by reserving early. This is a good alternative for planners who seek cheap pricing.

    Weekly and Monthly Packages

    H&M Rent a Car provides appealing weekly and monthly rental packages for extended stays in Dubai. These packages offer affordable solutions for long-term Infiniti rentals in Dubai. Weekly or monthly packages are less than daily rentals for Infiniti Luxury.

    Seasonal Promotions

    H&M Rent a Car often runs seasonal promotions to coincide with Dubai events. Infiniti Rentals in Dubai provide great prices for holidays, special events, and the Christmas season. Seasonal promotions often offer extra savings or bonuses to improve your experience.

    Corporate Discounts

    H&M Rent a Car offers corporate savings to business travelers in Dubai. These reductions are targeted at business and staff needs. Corporate clients can save money and simplify business travel by working with H&M Rent a Car.

    Additional Benefits

    H&M Rent a Car offers extra incentives to enhance your rental experience. Free delivery, pickup, extra drivers, and upgrades to higher-category Infinitis may be offered. These extras enhance your rental, making your trip easy and pleasurable. Check H&M Rent a Car’s website or call customer care to take advantage of these incentives. This way, you may learn about Dubai Infiniti rental deals, discounts, and benefits. Since availability may fluctuate during peak seasons and events, plan ahead.