Ford Rentals

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    Ford EcoSport

    Ford EcoSport

    AED 70 /Day

    AED 1650 /Month

    Ford Explorer Rentals

    Ford Explorer Rentals

    AED 300 /Day

    AED 4500 /Month

    Ford Explorer SUV Rentals

    Ford Explorer

    AED 350 /Day

    AED 4500 /Month

    Ford Fiesta 2017 Rentals

    Ford Fiesta

    AED 100 /Day

    AED 1800 /Month

    Ford Fusion Rentals

    Ford Fusion

    AED 180 /Day

    AED 280 /Month

    Ford Mustang Convertible 2019

    Ford Mustang Convertible

    AED 290 /Day

    AED 4900 /Month

    Ford Rentals

    At Ford Rentals in Dubai, you can find the ideal balance of comfort, power, and dependability. We’re delighted you’re here. If you’re in Dubai for any reason, we offer an extensive lineup of Ford cars that can meet all your desires. As a result, we offer a selection of Ford cars because of our innovative performance. The Ford Explorer is a flexible car, as is the elegant and strong Ford Mustang. The versatile Ford Explorer and the sleek and elegant Ford Mustang are a few of the options in our fleet. By selecting Mustang Rentals, you may enjoy our commitment to providing excellent service.  We offer the perfect car for you, whether you need a Ford rental for a job trip, a family vacation, or a short break.

    Benefits Of Ford Rentals In Dubai

    Extensive Vehicle Selection

    HM Car Rental Dubai offers a fleet of vehicles to meet your specific needs and preferences. We have the ideal Ford model to meet your needs, whether you want a sporty Ford or a Mustang for a family outing.

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    Ford Rentals in Dubai come with modern technological amenities that improve comfort, safety, and entertainment. Modern driver-assistance techniques can help a smooth connected travel when you’re in Dubai.

    Flexible Rental alternatives

    We provide versatile rental alternatives since we understand that tourists have various requirements. We can customize our cheap car rental packages to fit your unique duration and price range.

    Ford Rentals

    24/7 Roadside Assistance

    Your security and peace are very important to us. You always have the option of an emergency at Ford Rental—an unforeseen circumstance. 24/7 Drive with assurance, knowing that help from professionals is only a phone call away.

    Models Of Ford Rentals

    At Ford Rentals Dubai, we offer a diverse selection of Ford models to cater to your preferences and needs. Here are some popular models available for rental.

    Ford Mustang

    Experience the thrill of driving an iconic sports car with the Ford Mustang. The Mustang offers a unique driving experience that mixes power and style.

    Ford Explorer

    If you’re looking for a spacious and versatile SUV, the Ford Explorer is a great choice. We offer an enjoyable and delightful ride for both city driving and touring Dubai.

    Ford Expedition

    For larger groups or families, the Ford Expedition is an ideal option. We provide a pleasant and dependable ride for lengthy journeys or adventurous activities.

    Ford Edge

    A sleek and useful SUV with the ideal blend of comfort and performance is the Ford Edge. Its modern electronics, spacious cabin, and stylish design make it superb for both cities.

    Ford Rentals

    Promotional Deals

    Ford Rentals in Dubai makes a lot of effort to attract customers with the best rental opportunities. Take advantage of our special offers to profit from renting a Ford car at a cheap price.

    Seasonal Promotions

    With our seasonal specials, we now offer special rates during certain seasons of the year. Whether it’s a summer vacation or the holiday season, keep an eye on our website to learn about the deals.

    Extended Rental Discounts

    Planning an extended stay in Dubai? We offer discounted rates for longer rentals, helping you to spend less money and enjoy more.  We offer the best rental options, allowing you to select the one that will save you the most money.

    Loyalty Programmes

    At Ford Rentals, we value our loyal customers. As a thank you, we offer rewards programmes with exclusive discounts and benefits. You can enjoy membership privileges, including cheaper pricing and special offers.